What’s next for emerging markets debt?

Our chart shows that emerging market debt levels generally aren’t alarming and, in some cases, debt burdens are substantially lower than in major developed nations. June 2018

Can growth stocks continue their strong run?

Returns for growth stocks have outpaced value stocks over the last 10 years, but this advantage could narrow, as shown in our chart. May 2018

Which sectors do well during bear markets?

Our chart shows that, during the last seven market corrections, higher-yielding sectors have been more resilient than lower-yielding ones. May 2018

Moderately higher inflation shouldn’t unsettle markets

Our chart shows S&P 500 returns under various inflation environments, and indicates that moderately increasing inflation is not typically a drag on equities. April 2018

What does a flattening yield curve mean for the U.S. economy?

Our chart shows that an inverted yield curve has preceded past U.S. recessions. Find out what history tells us about the start of the next recession. April 2018

A Caution Signal for the U.S. Equity Market?

Forward-looking U.S. equity valuations are at levels that would suggest future returns may be less robust, as shown in chart. April 2018

Setbacks From Shocks Are Often Short-Lived

Our chart shows that market declines from political and economic shocks are often short-lived and can be followed by strong equity returns. March 2018

Bear Markets Look Less Fierce With a Long-Term Perspective

For long-term investors, bear markets aren’t something to fear. See our latest chart for some perspective. March 2018

Feeling the Bite From U.S. Valuations? Remove its FANGs

Our chart shows that U.S. valuations are not as high as they seem when removing the largest tech stocks, and are comparable to overseas markets. October 2017

Not All Bear Markets Are Created Equal

Our chart shows that when bear markets occur during an economic expansion rather than a recession, they tend to be much shorter and less severe. September 2017

Perspective on U.S. and Non-U.S. Valuations

Market capitalization of U.S. companies is nearing an all-time high while market cap for European and Japanese companies is below average, as seen in our chart. August 2017

Who Said Rising Rates Were Bad for Bonds?

With the prospect of higher interest rates in North America, it’s helpful to remember that rising rates aren’t always bad for bonds. July 2017

Seeking Higher Returns Outside the U.S.? Consider More U.S. Exposure.

Our chart shows that international stocks have higher returns than the overall market — when they have exposure to the U.S. economy. June 2017

Why Have Investors Shrugged Off Political Uncertainty?

Markets have been calm despite an uncertain economic and political environment. May 2017

Surprise! The Euro-zone Economy Has Been Stronger Than Expected

Europe's economic surprise index reached highest level since 2013. March 2017

Dividends Are on the Rise in Emerging Markets

Relatively low payout ratios in emerging markets leave room for even more dividend growth. March 2017

Light at the End of the Tunnel in the Euro Zone?

Optimism is improving for the euro zone economy. March 2017

Is the World Deglobalizing?

A look at how world trade volume has been decelerating in recent years, including a timeline of key events in the globalization of trade. February 2017

Global Diversification Can Help Investment Results

A diverse equity asset allocation across regions may help investors capitalize on broader investment themes that transcend their preferred region. February 2017

The U.S. Expansion Is Old, but Age Is Just a Number

Some worry that this U.S. recovery is long in the tooth, but the current expansion continues to show that age is nothing but a number. February 2017

Looking for Income? Technology Stocks May Be an Option

More dividend-paying technology stocks could provide more investment options to those seeking income in a low-yield world. February 2017